EBS Africa is proud to offer the Callisto – a hybrid alarm control panel with integrated GPRS transmitter – as well as the LX20G-5C and EPX400 – remotely-controlled, user-friendly transmitters – to the South African market.

Details of these products are set out below.


The Callisto is a hybrid alarm control panel with an integrated GPRS transmitter. It is a user-friendly, reliable and affordable device suited to the needs of the residential and commercial sectors.

It offers a total of 16 hybrid zones which can be of wired and wireless configuration, two partitions with the perimeter arming feature (stay/or away modes), AVA – a user-friendly mobile application for controlling the alarm system, programming of outputs as per the user’s specific needs with the simple home automation system, and support for up to three keypads.

The Callisto comes in a ready-to-use starter kit that includes all the components necessary to install the system. This specifically includes AVA, which allows the user to access the system remotely for purposes such as arming and disarming the alarm, switching lights and geysers on and off, and receiving alarm signals. If the user does not install AVA, he/or she will nevertheless receive alarm notifications, and be able to remotely configure the alarm system, via SMS.

The Callisto can be configured using pre-set parameters through a Bluetooth dongle and smartphone. This ensures consistency in the set-up and saves time in the installation.

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The LX20G-5C transmitter provides an innovative solution to improve performance and reduce costs of installation and services. The LX20G-5C is a microprocessor for real-time data transmission which can simulate a telephone line (PSTN) with transmission on a GSM signal.

The LX20G-5C can transmit data via GPRS, doing away with the need for a PSTN network. Costs are saved by remote technical control of control panels, remote configuration and firmware upgrades, not having to rely on GSM voice communication – GPRS transmission generates up to 17 times less cost than a CSD connection (Circuit Switched Data) – and not requiring the use of a telephone line or PSTN modem. Further the LX20G-5C is not supported by a single control panel, but can be integrated into almost any control panel, thereby limiting costs.

The time-saving benefits of the LX20G-5C are equally impressive. Users receive a faster response to any irregularities in the operation of the control panel, benefit from remote checks by the monitoring station on the proper functioning of the control panels, enjoy efficient verification of false alarms from the monitoring station and remote supervision of the quality of work performed by the installer.

The time and cost-saving advantages rely on the OSM server located in the monitoring station, and the GSM voice/GPRS connections between it and the control panel.

In addition to the above, the data transmission reliability is stronger than traditional systems, owing to multiple transmission channels such as GSM voice, GPRS and SMS. The array of channels enables automatic retrieval of the connection with the monitoring station.

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The EPX400 is a cutting-edge, multi-functional transmitter which can be tailored to the needs of any industry. It transmits packet data in real-time using GSM, GPRS and SMS channels, and Ethernet.

While it is available in basic and full-option versions, both rely on support carried out by the OSM server located in the monitoring station. The OSM server acts as an independent receiver which ensures complete transfer reliability thanks to redundancy.

The basic version of the EPX400 offers a 2G module, three transmission channels: Ethernet, GPRS/SMS and Voice, nine inputs (EOL/DEOL), two outputs (one OC and one relay) and a power supply on the board. The full-option EXP400 has expanded on the basic version, and boasts the following further properties: a 2G or 2G-and-3G module on the board (UMTS 5 band), dual SIM, remote control of control panels by the monitoring station, remote switching of external GSM antennas for jamming detection or poor signal, overvoltage protection of PSTN line and a Radioline on the board.

The EPX400 is time and cost-efficient. This is evident by the simple and fast reconfiguration via SMS, GPRS or CSD, diagnostic mode for the installer, remote technical inspections and servicing by the monitoring station, sent text messages quantity control and incoming messages retransmission.

The information transmission is extremely reliable as a result of SIA Level 2, ContactID and Ademco Express protocols, and reliance on SMS.

The EPX400 also fares well when it comes to security and quality. It offers protection against unauthorised device access, encryption of transmitted data by AES standard, automatic retrieval of the connection with the monitoring station and transmission protection in the case of server damage.

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